It’s in the mix.

Welcome to Prosonar, where you find some of the best-engineered pro audio equipment that money can buy. Our core products are audio mixers, specifically stereo mixing desks, which are used in a wide variety of DJ and sound reinforcement applications from clubs to multimedia, portable sound systems and small broadcast facilities. Our engineering team and management has been involved with pro audio products since the early 1990′s, and we designed our first DJ mixer in 1995, followed by the conception, design and market introduction of a string of products that you can today see being sold under the world’s leading brand names. Our design expertise makes sure that you get a great sounding product, while our affiliated Asian factory, equipped with the latest automatic assembly and test equipment, ensures that you get it at the right quality and price. Since our main business is to design and manufacture professional audio products for the world leading OEM’s, you are also welcome to contact us if you have a project that needs customized design or you have a design that needs the care and attention of an experienced audio manufacturer for outsourced assembly.