AGE2200 EQ

The Prosonar AGE2200 is a unique combination of a 30-band precision stereo equalizer and a 30-Band real-time analyzer (RTA). Specifically targeting master equalization purposes in stereo sound reinforcement, the AGE 2200 avoids unnecessary duplication of settings for both stereo channels by using precision stereo sliders. Proper set-up is a breeze due to the built-in real-time analyzer with pink noise generator, supported by the (included) measurement microphone and the 3-step level display per frequency band. Back in normal audio use, the same display can be used for detection of frequencies with feedback tendencies. A unique set of filters with steep high pass and low pass filters, but also an audience compensation filter that allows the overall frequency response to be adapted to the room filling with people, complement this unit.


  • 30 Scaling-Q filters with centre frequencies to BS EN ISO 266:1997 25Hz-20kHz,1/3 octave
  • Range switch with LED indicator selects ±6dB or ±12dB operation
  • Bypass switch with LED indicator (relay bypass)
  • Switchable high-pass filter with 20Hz, 40Hz and 80Hz settings.
  • Switchable low-pass filter with 12kHz, 16kHz and 20kHz settings
  • Audience compensation filter to allow for easy over-all compensation of high frequency attenuation when a room fills up
  • Input level adjustment with clip LED
  • Output level meter
  • 45mm oil-damped faders with dust cover and center detent
  • Real time analyzer (RTA) with 30 ANSI Class II analyzer filter bands, matching the EQ filter center frequencies
  • 3-color LED analyzer display per band, which can be used for setting the EQ in analyzer mode or visually identifying feedback peaks during normal audio playback
  • 3 dB/1 dB Window switch for analyzer display
  • LED on/off switch for analyzer display
  • Built-in pink noise generator
  • Flat-response measurement microphone supplied with unit
  • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs, XLR and 3.5mm Phoenix-style terminals
  • All-metal case
  • CE/ROHS compliant




  • Signal/Noise >82dB (Line)
  • THD <0.027%
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20 kHz


  • AC IN (EU version) AC220-250V~ 50Hz
  • AC IN (US version) AC110-120V~ 60Hz
  • Power consumption max.30W
  • Dimensions W483xH88.0xD183.5mm
  • Weight 3.0 kg



The AGE2200 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • Knob style and colour (various knob styles available)
  • Cabinet painting colour
  • Silkscreen artwork and colour
  • Packaging artwork



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