The FXM2000 Pro DJ Scratch Mixer is the essence of what any scratch DJ wants: Two channels with a superclean layout that allows to get the status at a glance, as hands and eyes are busy with the decks. No obstacles in the access of the crossfader so that hands can keep flying across the place for the fastest scratch techniques. Faders that offer just enough mechanical resistance to get good tactile feedback but run as smooth as silk. And last but not least a VCA volume engine that serves all three faders for longer service life in a fader’s stressful existence under scratch attacks. A studio-grade mic input that puts a rap line right in the middle of the beat. Pack all this in a sturdy full-metal case and back it with Prosonar’s acclaimed audio quality, and it’s this mixer that makes your performance happen.


  • 2x switchable Phono (Line)/Line inputs
  • Gain, 3-band EQ (+12/-26dB) and input level meter for both stereo channels
  • 1x DJ Mic with Gain, 2-band EQ and “on air” switch
  • Smooth dual-rail 45mm channel faders
  • Front-detachable, 45mm dual-rail crossfader with adjustable curve
  • VCA volume engine for crossfader and both channel faders
  • Master section with dual level meter
  • PFL section with split/blend option and Input1/Input2 mix control
  • Powerful headphones output with both 6.3mm and 3.5mm stereo jacks
  • Unbalanced Main output
  • Unbalanced record output
  • CE/ROHS compliant



A dual USB input option is available, with signal assignable to channels 1 and 2, and optional bidirectional Record function (model code: FXM2000USB)




  • Signal/Noise >80dB (Line)
  • Crosstalk Damping >65dB (Line)
  • THD <0.07% (Line)
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20 kHz


  • AC IN (EU version) AC220-250V~ 50Hz
  • AC IN (US version) AC110-120V~ 60Hz
  • Power consumption max. 18W
  • Dimensions W240xH290xD104mm (85mm mounting depth)
  • Weight 2.7 kg



The FXM2000 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • ‘A’-Type vertical rail faders
  • Additional balanced main output
  • Knob style and colour (various knob styles available)
  • Cabinet painting colour
  • Silkscreen artwork and colour
  • Packaging artwork



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