The FXM8000 Production Mixer revives the great tradition of installation-oriented production mixers, and serves applications where space is no primary concern while the ease of use governs the choice. A generous but very clean layout with 100mm faders allows to mix precisely and intuitively, while three fully balanced microphone inputs with Combo connectors and automatic talkover leave freedom for events where hosts, MC’s or other performers get involved. Several output zones and a built-in active crossover set this mixer apart as the core of any reproduction sound system. If you need a truly flexible workhorse for installations or rental purposes, this mixer is the choice to make.


  • 3x switchable Phono (Line)/Line inputs
  • 2x switchable Line/Line inputs
  • All stereo inputs with Gain, 3-band EQ (+12/-26dB) and input level meter
  • One dual RCA input on top panel, for easy connection of e.g. MP3 players to channel 5
  • 3x Mic inputs with Gain, 3-band EQ, and “on air” switch
  • Assignable and adjustable Auto-Talkover for Mic inputs
  • Top-panel Combo (XLR/TRS) input connectors for Mic inputs
  • Smooth dual-rail 100mm channel faders
  • Assignable, front-detachable, 45mm dual-rail VCA crossfader with adjustable curve
  • Crossfader on/off switch
  • Master section with balance control, dual level meter and stereo/mono switch
  • Two additional Zone outputs with level control
  • PFL section with split/blend option and PFL/Main mix control
  • Powerful headphones output with both 6.3mm and 3.5mm stereo jacks
  • Balanced and unbalanced Main output
  • Balanced Main subwoofer output with active crossover and adjustable crossover frequency/level
  • Unbalanced record output
  • Two unbalanced Zone outputs
  • Enhanced power supply
  • CE/ROHS compliant



A dual USB input option is available, with signals assignable to channels 1 and 5, and optional bidirectional Record function (FXM8000USB)




  • Signal/Noise >82dB (Line)
  • Crosstalk Damping >65dB (Line)
  • THD <0.07% (Line)
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20 kHz


  • AC IN (EU version) AC220-250V~ 50Hz
  • AC IN (US version) AC110-120V~ 60Hz
  • Power consumption max. 30W
  • Dimensions W483xH355xD104mm (85mm mounting depth)
  • Weight 6.6 kg



The FXM8000 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • Knob style and colour (various knob styles available)
  • Cabinet painting colour
  • Silkscreen artwork and colour
  • Packaging artwork



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